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themerlin_recs is a monthly challenge community in which a theme will be posted every month, and it will be up to YOU to post fic and art  (all pairings, ratings styles etc...)recs in which that theme is visible. At the end of the month I will post a compilation post in which all the recs get organized to make it easy to find what you like at your convenience.

There will also be an incentive prize given out doorprize style to a lucky winner each month!

So come and check things out (I'm hoping to get the first challenge up in July), and feel free to pimp the comm. The more people involved, the more comprehensive the lists will be.

Merry Merthur 2010!
Merry_Merthur_snow by nikki_mac
We're pleased to announce the beginning of Merry Merthur, a Merlin x Arthur fic/art gift exchange for the holiday season! Sign-ups are NOW OPEN and will remain open until our cap of 60 artists and 60 authors is reached, or until November 13th, whichever comes first. Please click on the banner to read more or sign up!!

Hope to see you on our sign-up list soon!

~ Allie & Alax

Le Splish Splash
merlin | morgana | space


Accio Scar

Merlin Prompt Fest - Now posting @ merlin_muses

New icontest community: Merlinboystill
Morgana Pendragon (back)

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merlinboystill merlinboystill merlinboystill
merlinboystill merlinboystill merlinboystill

I'm looking for a co-mod, so if you're interested you can leave your username HERE

New Fiction Community
fallout new vegas:courier
Hello! I've made a new fiction community, merlin_6x6! You can claim any pairing, any person, any thing in the Merlin fandom you want and write twelve stories about them. There are many prompt communities like this, but I didn't see one just for Merlin, so I made one.

Anyway, come and check out merlin_6x6 and have some fun! :D

*Insert shiny banner here*

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Pimping for a fest :)
The M's

BBC Musical Prompt Fest

bbc_medley would love to have you come join the festivities as we prime our instruments for a blend of music and fandom. Prompting is open to anyone and everyone - as is participation. We'd love for you to contribute and look forward to a medley of music, art and writing.

it will happen again

cendredonahorse is a community with a projected lifespan of 14 days (now 8!). We have until September 11th, when this Cendred guy will actually be introduced, so that's how long this challenge will last.

Mission statement:
  1. To write as much fic and create as much art which is either Cendred-centric, or even just makes mention of Cendred, as possible.
  2. And then, just as we've decided things about him, our ideas will be proven completely incorrect.

What I know about King Cendred
  1. He is a king.
  2. Merlin came from his kingdom.
  3. He is possibly in league with Morgause against Uther.
  4. He is on a horse.

Even if you don't want to write or post f-art, POST PROMPTS HERE AND GET PRESENTS K? This is basically a crack community.

Join ishipmorgana
kate w: autumn

A daily shipper community dedicated to Morgana Le Fay/Katie McGrath.

Do you ship Morgana with Arthur? or Merlin? Gawain? and even Uther? Or may be you're a fan of Bradley/Katie/Colin? Or believe in crossovering love between Darken Rahl and Morgana? Want Gwen/Morgana friendship back? Sisters alliance? Whatever ship you love - we do love the same <3 Why? Because Morgana/Katie is in.

ishipmorgana ishipmorgana ishipmorgana

Merlin Prompt Fest: PROMPTING NOW OPEN!
Accio Scar
Prompting now open!

merlin_muses, a brand new community focused on inspiring Merlin fanworks, is hosting its first fest, and we would like to invite YOU to join in.

Round 1 of the Merlin Prompt Fest is open to all genres and pairings – including RPF. ANYONE can submit a prompt, even if you don't plan to write or draw in the fest, and all prompts can be claimed for both fic and art.



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